Saturday, February 28, 2015

I woke up this morning with a myriad of emotions running through my mind. Another page in our life has turned never to return again. We have had wrestlers in our family for the last 21 years and last night our youngest wrestled his last match of his high school career. As the semi-final match at the Wisconsin State team tournament was coming to a close, I started reflecting on the privilege of watching our sons grow into men as they learn the lessons that were taught on the mat. When Kent started wrestling as a fifth grade student, we had three boys in our family. Our family continued to grow with two more boys added and our days of wrestling looked like they would go on forever. We were lucky to live in a school district that was a powerhouse in  wrestling.The years passed with our sons growing and achieving many medals and awards along the way. All five of the boys were on state championship team. Five sons later, our youngest Beau Thompson won his state individual title in the #285 weight class to add  it to Dane's at #215. It was an amazing  journey for us to watch our sons grow and learn to deal with the wins and losses involved in achieving goals. Such is  life. Just want to add Beau's state championship match to this blog.

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