Monday, August 24, 2015

35TH Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Today is our 35th Wedding Anniversary. Where has the time gone? It truly has been an adventure. My mother and father-in-law hosted a 35th Anniversary celebration on August 22nd. We enjoyed the day celebrating with friends and family. We had guests that came from Ukraine, Florida and California included with our local friends and family. It was truly amazing to be able to renew our vows after so many years and say I do all over! I will just share the video for those who couldn't be there. The editing isn't  professional and was recorded on a ipad,  but it gives you an picture of our day. Hope you enjoy. Please sign the guestbook if you stop by for a visit. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I woke up this morning with a myriad of emotions running through my mind. Another page in our life has turned never to return again. We have had wrestlers in our family for the last 21 years and last night our youngest wrestled his last match of his high school career. As the semi-final match at the Wisconsin State team tournament was coming to a close, I started reflecting on the privilege of watching our sons grow into men as they learn the lessons that were taught on the mat. When Kent started wrestling as a fifth grade student, we had three boys in our family. Our family continued to grow with two more boys added and our days of wrestling looked like they would go on forever. We were lucky to live in a school district that was a powerhouse in  wrestling.The years passed with our sons growing and achieving many medals and awards along the way. All five of the boys were on state championship team. Five sons later, our youngest Beau Thompson won his state individual title in the #285 weight class to add  it to Dane's at #215. It was an amazing  journey for us to watch our sons grow and learn to deal with the wins and losses involved in achieving goals. Such is  life. Just want to add Beau's state championship match to this blog.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Wrestling Memories

We are having fun watching Beau wrestle this year. This is our 16th year of high school wrestling and I have enjoyed every moment. These last few years I have been storing up the memories knowing that these days are fast coming to an end to return no more. Our boys have learned a lot about focus, mental toughness,discipline and courage, though the sport of wrestling. They also learned how to believe in themselves. They have learned that failure is only a stepping stone to success. Here is the video of Beau's latest hard won match. He is normally wrestling 220# weight class but at the team sectional they decided the best strategy was to wrestle Beau in the higher 285# class. The logic for this was that Beau wouldn't have to wrestle the same guy last night and again on Saturday. That meant Beau had to take on the #5 state ranked heavy weight and give his opponent a 54# advantage. This is the result of the match.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Conference wrestling at the Thompson House

This is the time of our life that the wrestling families wait for. We support our wrestlers year after year, spend hours on bleachers, afternoons carting our children to practice so that some day they can experience the success of reaching a goal that they have set. Yesterday was such a day for Beau and those of us who support him. He was the Wisconsin Valley conference winner. This has been a goal of his for many years, since he watched his brother Kent and later Dane accomplish that goal. Dale has been watching Beau's competition and decided that his best chance of achieving his goal as a junior, would be to wrestle up a weight bracket with the #285 pound weight class. His best competition would not be easy, being ranked 15th in the state, yet Dale had seen him wrestle earlier in the season and decided Beau could beat him. Fortunately the coaches agreed, and Beau was allowed to lay it all out and achieve his goal. Here is the video I put together of Beau's day.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Taking care of my mom's blog!! :D

Hi!! This is Chantel. My mom's kind of busy for a few weeks so I'm going to take care of the blog for a for a while, because it is part of my homeschool assignment (and I wanted to obviously). I'll be posting videos and pictures this week and next week. See you then. Goodbye!!!!!